Basic description

The light LEDs components are spatially arranged as a light source with required optical features. LEDs are electrically connected into two identical chains, their lighting is monitored by safe electric circuits type file-safe, coupling of these checking circuits with LCI technology is made by relay type NMŠ1-2000.

LED road warning devices series NSVX LED and NSV2M LED together with interface MDBS01 are resolved for power supply from double-acting oscillation bus. The road warning devices NSVXS LED and NSV2S LED together with interface MDBSO1S are determined for power supply by flasher with single-acting switchers. Electric circuits are made as modules in plastic boxes which allows their easy and quick replacement. Inside of cases of warning devices there are modules inbuilt in instrument boxes.

Door of the road warning device case are in the rear part of the device; if open upwards it serves as a protection roof. The door is locked by pair of keys with five-edged key, the lock coverings allow the sealing for indication of an unauthorized opening.

Road warning device meets severe safety requirements and brings new qualitative improvements against that which has been used until now both from constructional and functional point
of view:

  • by using of LEDs with high luminous intensity comes to a significant energy saving and prolonging of life cycle of warning light source which are basic part of signalling in road warning device sat LCIs.
  • by using the noncorrosive materials at the production of individual parts of warning device case is significantly prolonged the operational life cycle of the whole road warning device.

Road warning device with LED lighting units serve as an optical and acoustic warning unit at the railway level crossing installation. The case of road warning device is of a self-supporting structure. The lighting units contain the LEDs with high luminous intensity radiating the red-, or moon-white light. The source of acoustic warning is an electronic bell ZZV01. With its parameters the warning devices are in compliance with STN Standard 34 2651.

Technical specifications

  • Power supply voltage:
    • lamps 12,5 ÷ 40 V DC
    • acoustic warning unit 18 ÷ 40 V DC
  • Axial luminous intensity: 150 Cd (minimal)
  • Active exit face of the lights: 185 mm
  • Consumption: 7 W
  • Live cycle: more than 20 thousand hours of performance


  • NSV2M LED, NSV2MS LED – road warning device with a pair of red lighting units in a small signal case
  • NSV2 LED, NSV2S LED – road warning device with a pair of red lighting units in a large signal case
  • NSV3 LED, NSV3S LED – road warning device with a pair of red lighting units and a moon-white lighting units in a large signal case
  • MDBS01, MDBS01S – mounting plate for active signalling with a moon-white light