The use

VMS for the lane control signals is used on motorways, toll gates and in tunnels in order to sort vehicles into lanes.


ModulLCS 400ALCS 400BLCS 500A LCS 500BLCS 600ALCS 600BLCS 800ALCS 800BLCS 1000ALCS 1000BLCS- 1350C
Housing Size (WxHxD)(mm)400x400x84500x500x84600x600x84800x800x841000x1000x841350x800x150
Display Size(AxB)(mm) 288x288375x375468,75x468,75675x675843,75x843,75675x675
Pixel Pitch (mm) 162531,252531.2525
Displayred "X"; green / amber "Arrow"
Enclosure Material black Aluminum
LED Type SMD LEDs with optical lens
Power Supply 110-220V/12VDC/24VDC
Optical Performance STN EN 12 966 (L3/L3*/L3(T),R3, C2,B6)
ProtocolNTCP / MODBUS / Jet File II / Protibus
Communication Ethernet / RS323 / RS485
Control Mode Dry Contact / I/O Control / Protocol Control
Working Temperature (℃)T1 (-15℃ to +60℃);T2 (-25℃ to +55 ℃) ; T3 (-40℃ to + 40℃)
Mechanical ProtectionIP65


Líniové riadenie dopravy (LCS)

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