As part of BETAMONT’s R&D, the company has been recently looking into how cities regulate their parking.

An existing product BETAMONT developed for Slovakia’s National Highway Company (NDS) to check electronic vignettes, “Mobile Post”, has been modified and adapted to enforce static transport.

It is designed to handle an input video stream from multiple cameras without compromising recognition confidence. The algorithms the system uses come from several years of work spent dynamically identifying vehicle traffic flow and identifying stationary vehicles. Mobile Post has undergone both practical examination and testing, which demonstrated its high efficiency in sensing and identifying vehicles. The high success rate was achieved not just from an appropriately chosen OCR engine, but in particular from correct configuration of the system and algorithms for comprehensive matching, false positive detection and validation. The final testing phase is currently underway to fine-tune the hardware and software solutions in order to achieve the highest possible success rate in capturing all parked vehicles and recognising their licence plate numbers.

Enforcement systems have become an important and technologically demanding component of regulated parking in every city neighbourhood, allowing real-time identification of vehicles and verifying whether vehicles are authorised to park at specific places. If any illegal or unauthorised parking is detected, the system will file a complaint and it will be registered in the ticketing system. In the short term, the use of objective accountability is also envisaged, which would involve automatic evaluation and generation of offences and fines without a human physically having to validate them.